About us

Automation Pill is an RPA company focused on developing human centered solutions. We develop software robots on top of the UiPath Platform for enterprise and medium companies. It is a company founded by a team of passionate people about IT development, who have worked previously on enterprise solution. We want to step up automation to the next level.

We offer to our customers an unique full-cycle solution which combines innovative RPA technology, AI and a true business user experience.


How we started ?

Everything started with the desire of our team to improve and deliver better performance to business processes, through automation. We truly believe that Robotic Process Automation is the new way to help humans to extend their capabilities in this new digital era. We have started on this road because we wanted to offer an unique experience to our customers, starting from their needs.

Our key advantage is that we value overall customer need and we personalise each solution depending on what is important for them. Our team has great experience and excellent vision of RPA-based approaches and solutions. Automation Pill comes to support all organizations that need a "cure" in their business lifetime to make them competitive and efficient again!

Key team members


Dragos Perianu
Co-Founder & Chief Automation Officer

Dragos has more than 8 years experience in automation of business processes. Started as an BPM Developer he has a far-reaching experience in understanding customer needs and over time he delivered highly applicable solutions for automation of businesses. 
Dragos is an UiPath fully certified expert being specialized in design of software robots and process optimization.


Daniel Tila
Co-founder & Chief Automation Architect

With more than 10 years of experience in the software development industry, Daniel worked in creating and designing automation solutions for banks, accounting, airplane industry or for real time systems in the automotive industry. His target is to bridge humans with technology and to empower users with more control.

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