Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation is the next evolution step in the automation of business process.
Unalike traditional automation tools which are in needs of Application Programming Interfaces(APIs) or others scripting languages to automate the business process, RPA systems develop the actions business steps by imitation of the user input in application's graphical user interface (GUI).

Enterprises can configure “Software Robots” to capture and interpret all the repetitive human input in processing of any business transactions, handling of data flows or generating responses and communicating with other digital systems by using virtual workforce and that offers business agility and efficiency. Virtual workers (robots) can accomplish business processes, just as a person would, in less time and eliminating human error, driving the business to new standards of productivity and accuracy.
RPA stands out for its ability to impact business results, emerging in significant ROI.

Any organization which relies on many different and complicated systems that needs to mesh information together is a viable candidate for RPA. As organizations pursue business development without adding significant expenditures, the robots are low-cost and relatively easy to implement providing a redoubtable force in transaction processing, requiring no systems integration or custom components. Across every industry- finance, banking, legal, insurance, healthcare, e-commerce, retail etc - RPA is used to automate business processes and deliver continuous performance on repetitive and time consuming tasks.

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