Types of robots

Machine learning

Our robots can be enhanced with machine learning. We can learn our robots anything what a human can do: price predictions, traffic predictions, online transportation networks or videos surveillance.

Attended automation

Attended robots can work alongside humans to deliver efficiency and greater speed in processes which can not be automated end-to-end. Integrating attended robots into the desktop workspace to automate specific tasks, organizations create an environment where robots and human work complementary with each other. Doing so, humans can focus on more complex and high-value work, that is more difficult to automate.

Unattended automation

Unattended robots can interact and execute task on different application without human involvement. Used to fully automate high-volume transaction-based activities and processes with more enterprise-wide impact. These robots have dedicated servers to be deployed and scheduled to run processes that involve large amounts of data. They are scheduled to run automatically, even when the system is logged off.

Hybrid automation

Enhances productivity of your business processes using a mixture of digital workforce on administrative processes that would take place in back-office and human workforce to interact with robots in the front-end processes, to reach a new level of optimization and collaboration. Empower your business with the true force of RPA all over your organization and you will be able to automate processes that can have structured and unstructured data, key decisioning touch-points or multiple variations or outcomes.

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