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A few use-cases of our robots

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Gloria helps to migrate products from different marketplaces to a reseller platform. It helps the marketplace to:
☑️ Reduce the client migration time
☑️ Save 25h/suplier
☑️ Achieve faster response times 



Soundy is a robot that is monitoring the radio audio streams to get information about the amount of playback time of a music track.

Before the process, the monitoring was done manually and the amount of time was inserted into a system.

Soundy does this everyday and helps the client to:
☑️ Save 36h/month
☑️ Allow permanent rolling
☑️ Access rights and audit tracking


Our first robot was built for an organization which is a payment processor for the telecom industry. Deby can process all the payments made by clients using a mobile phone and insert them into the payment processor system.

We helped our client to:
☑️ Save 60h/month
☑️ Maintain audit trailing




Sapy was built to automate SAP transactions for a client that activates in the retail industry. She is our expert when it comes to new automation requirements on SAP!

The robot is receiving sales reports thought emails and it adds into the SAP System on behalf of its own.

Sapy had an ROI of 6 months and helped the client to:
☑️ Save 50h/month
☑️ Eliminate errors
☑️ Improve business results

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