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UiPath RPA Bootcamp

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8 March 2021

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3 UiPath experts

Constantly guided by our mentors. All sessions will be interactive and every question will be responded by our mentors.


Get your official UiPath Developer Foundation diploma

Weekly feedback live sessions & feedback

Also, you will receive constant feedback and help to get your UiPath Developer Diploma

What is RPA

Robotic Process Automation is a technology that emerged lately. Many companies adopt these solutions for two main reasons:
- cutting the costs
- avoid errors

These benefits made that this technology to be easily adopted by many companies.

RPA will transform our jobs

RPA technology is designed to take over the repetitive tasks we do daily: from reading emails, to reading documents to inserting them into everyday applications. All these repetitive operations will be replaced by software robots.

These robots are made to help us and take over the repetitive tasks we have every day. They will not take our jobs, but they will produce a transformation of them. If until now, you spent 2 days a month entering some data from the invoices received in the systems of the company where you work, now you can put a robot to do that. And it will finish in 10 minutes (check out the video below).

Look at this technology as a tool that gives you more time, so that you can focus on other things that can help your business grow: prospecting more customers, offering 1-1 customer consultations, or creating new strategies. 

Want to see a robot in action?

Learn to build RPA robots

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High demand

The RPA interest increased more than 10x times over the last 4 years, and there is already a demand for RPA developers. 

Most of the companies adopt RPA because they reduces costs and avoids human mistakes!


There are over 1100 people in Romania who work as RPA Developer and over 100.000 over the world.

Check out the available jobs worldwide.



RPA is flexible and it can reduce the tasks in many industries:

Financial (fraud, loans, invoices)
E-commerce (products migration, invoice debt)
Retail (supply planning, order management)
Health (laboratory work, papwerwork digization)
Sales (reporting, invoices, inventory)
HR (benefits, employee management, payroll)
+ more.

Every department has repetitive work. For more details, check the official UiPath webpage.


Is this program for you

If you are a person who has not dealt with programming but wants to enter the IT industry, you can join our program.

You will learn faster if you remember logic schemes made in high school (if you don't know what we mean, check BPMN 2.0).  It is a plus if you have been a business analyst before, but it is not mandatory.

The course will be taught in Romanian

What you will be learning

The program helps you to have the hands-on experience of building robots and it will help you to get the official UiPath RPA Developer foundation diploma

After completing the course you will know:
- What is RPA and how it changes jobs
- How to automate websites or applications installed on your computer
- Understand the UiPath solution and develop software robots
- Learn techniques that will help you get hired in a very short time
- Understand Basic Programming concepts and the underlying logic/structure

You will build automations that:
- Work with desktop & web applications
- Download information from the internet
- Send emails with/without attached documents
- Read email inbox with attached documents
- Read PDF documents
- Read/write Excel files 

The experience you will gain after this course will help you to land a job as RPA Developer, and the diploma issued by UiPath is a confirmation that you know how to build RPA robots.


The course will last 4 months and you will learn:

Week 1: Orientation and introductory concepts
Week 2: UiPath Platform & the RPA role
Week 3: Robot development requirements
Week 4-7: Understand programming concepts from an RPA perspective
Week 8-9: Applying Best Practices
Week 10-13: Creating Complex Robots
Week 14: Preparing for the diploma UiPath RPA Developer Foundation
Week 15-16: Experience sharing  

On demand videos

You will have access at 50 hours of video content with all the notions explained.

You can study anytime, anywhere

Weekly meetings

Every Monday we will have a meeting where we will set the progress and objectives for the current week

Q&A session

Every question will be responded by our mentors. Also, you will receive constant feedback and help to get your UiPath Developer Diploma

Your involvement

This is not a program that you will enroll and you will forget. Before to apply to it, please make sure that:
- you can dedicate 6 hours per week to work individually
- have your Monday or Wednesday evening free (we will have group sessions)

Each group session call will be online and will last about 1 hour. You can address all your questions and we will establish the objective for the current week.

Still have questions? Check our the Frequently Asked Questions



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