Learn to create automations in 4 months

UiPath Certification Program

Get the UiPath RPA Developer diploma and work in the IT industry - guided by industry experts

Is this program for you?

If you are a person who have not dealt with programming, but want to enter the IT industry, you can join our program.

You will learn faster if you remember logic schemes made in high school (if you don't know what we mean, check BPMN 2.0).  It is a plus if you have been a business analyst before, but it is not mandatory.

The course will be teached in English or Romanian, depending on the accepted participants.

What you will learn

The program helps you to have the hands-on experience of building robots and it will help you to get the UiPath RPA Developer foundation diploma (issued by UiPath)

After completing the course you will know:
- What is RPA and how it changes jobs
- How to automate websites or applications installed on your computer
- Understand the UiPath solution and develop software robots
- Learn techniques that will help you get hired in a very short time
- Understand Basic Programming concepts and the underlying logic/structure

You will build automations that:
- Work with desktop & web applications
- Download information from the internet
- Send emails with/without attached documents
- Read email inbox with attached documents
- Read PDF documents
- Read/write Excel files

The experience you will gain after this course will help you to land a job, and the diploma issued by UiPath is a confirmation that you know how to build RPA robots.


The course will last 4 months and you will learn:

Week 1: Orientation and introductory concepts about RPA
Week 2: UiPath Platform
Week 3: Basics in Robot Development
Week 4: Building Simple Robots
Week 5: Applying Best Practices
Week 6-9: Creating Complex Robots
Week 10-12: Preparing for the diploma UiPath RPA Developer Foundation
Week 13-14: Design enterprise robots with REFramework
Week 15-16: Experience sharing 

Weekly you need to study & work yourself about 6 hours per week. Every Wednesday evening there will be be a group session call for about 1 hour where you can address all your questions and establish the next objectives. 

Common asked questions

Q: Does it matter the industry I am currently working in?
A: No, automations can be implemented in any company department like Purchasing, Financial, Operations, etc

Q: Do I need to know English? 
A: Yes, we do have as a prerequisite to know English. If you can have a conversation it is, you are ok.

Q: Do I need to have a computer?
A: Yes, you need a computer with Windows installed. Beside this we will make sure we will tell you what other software you need to install.

Q: Do I need to have any technical knowledge?
A: No, you don't need to have any prior technical knowledge. Creating these automations is like drag&drop

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